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Mintigo is developing Social Biometric, Code™ analysis. In the analysis, Mintigo explores beyond the boundaries of the current customer base, enabling businesses to acquire high-quality customers in accordance with the desired customer profile. Mintigo's solution supports the entire acquisition cycle from targeting valuable prospects, through optimizing the approach channel and the final conversion. Mintigo profiles potential customers, scores their value and receptiveness, and determines the right contact platform. The Mintigo solution substantially impacts conversion conversion rates, quality of new customers, sales efficiency and bottom-line revenue.

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Dr. Jacob Shama, Tal Segalov, Ehud Ben Reuven, Tzahi Weisfeld


CEO: Dr. Jacob Shama         Chief Scientist: Ehud Ben Reuven

CTO: Tal Segalov   

Giza's Board Member

Zvi Schechter


Fields of invesment: icon ITIT/SW

Contact info: Website