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Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, TechLoft is a new, dynamic concept for the startup community. It offers entrepreneurs focused on the Internet and mobile sectors shared office space and a wide range of early stage services.

TechLoft accommodates and assists in promoting up to 70 “handpicked” entrepreneurs – pre-seed, bright startups and reputable technology freelancers – by providing networking opportunities, consulting and advisory services, educational programs, social events and additional support services required to secure funding for their ventures and transforming their vision into reality.




IDC Elevator

‘IDC Elevator’ is a seed investment program with the added benefit of mentoring from well-known professionals from a variety of fields.

The Elevator assists startups to reach their goals faster. Their friendly environment provides startup companies with the opportunity to grow with a minimum of hassle by providing a comfortable working space and all required support. There are two programs a year, each of four months duration. Each program consists of 10 participating companies. The final month of the program takes place in New York City and focuses on networking and fundraising.

The Elevator doesn’t pick a mentor for each company, but rather hosts an event that brings together mentors and participating companies. Following the initial introduction, companies or mentors can reach out to one another to find their best match. Support provided by different leading organizations assists the participating companies in perfecting their business structure and product. Additionally there are interns on site at the office, who can assist companies in market research, daily tasks and brainstorming.






StarTAU, Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Center, was established in 2009 in order to serve Israel's aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on TAU students and alumni. StarTAU is a non-profit organization which assists businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of business fields including: Internet ventures, biotech development, mobile applications, low-tech ventures, patent licensing and more.

StarTAU has allocated a great deal of resources to education by offering lectures, conventions, courses and workshops. These educational sessions are taught by leading businesspeople who have passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs. By taking part in the above mentioned activities, the entrepreneur gains knowledge, tools, and contacts in the industry in which he or she hopes to work.





The Zell Entrepreneurship Program provides students with an opportunity to apply advanced entrepreneurial studies to the creation of real business ventures. The program is designed for outstanding undergraduates in their final year of the business, law, communications, computer science, government, psychology or economics curriculum at IDC Herzliya, who aspire to work in an entrepreneurial organization or to start their own business. 

The program provides a platform for the development of a business venture from concept to launch by combining customized learning and invaluable practical experience over the course of an academic year. The program is taught in English in order to best acclimate students to the global business environment. The intimate seminar setting gives students an opportunity to receive professional and personal guidance from accomplished instructors, mentors and the business community. Moreover, the ecosystem of support encompassing the program, including its active alumni network, offers program participants a gateway to making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. 



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EISP - 8200 Entrepreneurship Program

8200, an IDF Intelligence unit, which until a few years ago was top secret, is now considered a leading source for Israeli innovation. The 8200 Alumni Association has been active for over a decade as a non-profit organization, providing thousands of the Israeli Intelligence 8200 Unit alumni a place to network, consult and collaborate with their peers. In addition, the Association has led projects to maintain and promote its legacy and to impact the community, for example, through scholarships to 8200 graduates and support of Arabic language teaching programs in high schools in outlying regions. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program is the Association's first formal platform designated to enrich and leverage entrepreneurial abilities and skills.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program was established in 2010 with the vision of utilizing the 8200 alumni network to aid entrepreneurs and innovators and accelerate the fulfillment of new ventures, visions and dreams in high technology, biomedicine, energy and environment and social responsibility among other fields. The program targets both entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing their own ventures and intra-organizational entrepreneurs, who have an initiative to lead within their organization.