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Aleees has devoted itself to the development of break-through LEP-NCO (LiFePO4-zM'O) material, mass production technologies and global patent deployment since its establishment in 2005. Leveraging on advanced mass production technologies, Alees cooperates with lithium battery supply chain partners in Asia to provide cost-effective motive lithium batteries of great quality to push the revolution in auto industry for fighting global warming crisis. Aleees makes great effort in providing LEP batteries with excellent quality and high safety and delivers great batteries by using the combination of manufacturing capability on cathode material, intensive quality control protocols and enhanced battery manufacturing. With the LEP-NCOTEC, Aleees brings the revolution of storage system to different applications, such as PHEV/HEV, BEV, E-Bike, E-scooter, Power tools, Robots, aviation crafts, UPS, medical device and household appliances. Aleees' value proposition is "Asia Value at Chindia Price".

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Chairman & CEO: Dr. Edward Chang      Co-Founder: Thomas Yang

COO: KC Cheng      

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